Contract production of wiring harness

Sovtest-Techno specialists are engaged in harness production and cable assemble both according to customer construction documentation and workpieces samples with further development of full set of construction documentation.

The main purpose of contract harness production is to receive lots of orders to load production and to get benefits at minimum expenses for technological process changing. 

Engineering company Sovtest-techno is Sovtest ATE sub-company and it is engaged in promotion and shipment of the latest highly effective technologies and equipment to Russian market. This also affects on harness direction, production of high-technology cable assembly with strict requirements to its quality.

Harness section was created to release interface and intrablock harness for own production workpieces which shows high quality of manufactured goods as well as the whole company production.

Carried-out operations:
  • wire/cable measured cutting;
  • wire and cable stripping (including coaxial cables) by means of laser, mechanical, and thermal methods;
  • installation of cable terminal by means of crimping methods (hand instrument, automated equipment) and soldering;
  • marking of cables and heat-shrinkable/PVC tubes;
  • connectors assembly;
  • harness bundling;
  • harness protection by means of metal and synthetic armoring;
  • harness binding;
  • quality control:
  • measuring of break off force of cable crimped contact;
  • analysis of pressured connection cross cut;
  • harness electrical control;
  • X-Ray quality control of разъема assembly;
  • climate and vibrating tests.

Why it is beneficial and interesting to work with us.

  1. The production was created for the company’s own goods run-out with strict requirements to quality.
  2. Constant quality control of carrying out operations at all manufacturing stages.
  3. We have specialists certificated according to IPC WHMA A620-B standard.
  4. Separate brunch of the company is engaged in supplement of technologies and equipment for harness production. 
  5. Understanding of the equipment possibilities and its maximum usage for achievement of maximum quality of the products.
  6. Huge experience learned in process of examination of modern European harness productions. 
  7. All the knowledge and ideas we have we implement in our own manufacturing.
  8. We have service specialists who provide absence of the equipment down time and just-in-time order procession.
Additional services:
  • development of constructive documentation for manufactured workpieces;
  • development of technological process of products assembling;
  • analysis of given constructive documentation and provision of advices to increase technology and products quality;
  • manufacturing of trial lots. 
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