High-frequency double-axis inclinometer


The equipment is developed for objects tilt measurements in the range of  ± 30º (max ± 90º in terms of electronics compensation). Measurement is carried out within 2 independent axes with low non-linearity value in the whole range of measurements. The inclinometer provides high frequency and stability.

Application areas: buildings’ technical condition monitoring (bank angle measurements), automotive and shipbuilding industry, aerospace products, Russian Railways safety systems, security systems, petroleum industry, etc.

Advantages: high accuracy, small size, low energy consumption, reliability and multi-zone application.

MEMS sensor technical characteristics:
  • Range of measured angle ±30° (±90° with output signal correction by external electronics)
  • Delicacy 0.01°
  • Temperature stability < 0,005°/С°
  • Axes cross-coupling700:1
  • Shock effectmax 20g
  • Source voltage 5 V
  • Communication interfaceUSB
  • Non-linearity  <0.5 %
  • Source voltage+5 V
  • Weight 16 g
  • Dimensions8x3 sm
Inclinometer main elements:
  1. MEMS sensor combined with high-frequency translator of capacity signals into digital ones;
  2. high-frequency power supply module for MEMS sensor (3,3 V) and translator  (1,65 V), 
  3. low-powered micro-controller providing interface throughout serial port;
  4. USB-to-serial port translator providing physical interface by means of any USB-compatible computer.
  • bridge bearing  technical condition control , pipelines  and other objects (bank angle detection);
  • architecture buildings condition control;
  • Immediate bank angle measurement of traffic arteries from moving transport;
  • car body bank angle control in antitheft systems;
  • in mining engineering inclinometer is used to shoot angle and azimuth of bore hole thus to control its special position;
  • in cranes inclinometers are used to control working and residual boom deflections and to control crane bank angle in a whole. Indirectly judging by several inclinometers values the load on the boom can be changed;
  • crane trucks and digging machines safe bank angle control.
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