«Sovtest ATE» joined the national project

The company hosted a kick-off meeting to launch the national project "Labor productivity and employment support". The goal of the project is optimization, productivity and efficiency of production processes.

The event was attended by the heads of the working group of the Federal Center of Competence and employees of the enterprise, also Chairman of the Committee for Economy and Development of the Kursk Region Levon Osipov, Chairman of the Regional Committee for Industry, Trade and Entrepreneurship Mikhail Aksenov, Chairman of the Regional Committee for Labor and Employment Elena Kulagina took part.

«The inclusion of an enterprise in the national project is an incentive. This will help to increase the number of manufactured products, reduce costs - this is an element of lean production, thereby gaining benefits for the enterprise, which means, in general, increasing employee income»

- said Igor Markov, General Director of «Sovtest ATE».

The Sovtest ATE management is ready to replicate the experience gained. This is especially important, because in the future an industrial technopark will be located here.

«We, as a region, are interested in this. All developments can be used not only at the enterprise itself: these competencies will also reach other small and medium-sized businesses - residents of the industrial technopark. After all, competent organization of the technological process is the most important topic, but sometimes it is not possible to involve the relevant services»

- commented Mikhail Aksyonov, chairman of the Kursk region committee of industry, trade and entrepreneurship.

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