«Sovtest ATE» project is among the contestants of the international award "Small energy — great achievements"

During the public online defense at the Startup Club, the company presented the project "5 kW autonomous hydrogen power plant (AVEU)". The event is organized by the Association of small energy, the all-Russian public organization «Buisness Russia» and the center for entrepreneurship and is dedicated to distributed generation projects.

During the pitch session, Denis Urmanov, Deputy General Director for science at sovtest ATA, presented Autonomous hydrogen power plants with a capacity of up to 10 kW. The project provides for the development and production of a prototype of an Autonomous hydrogen power plant (ageu) with a capacity of 5 kW for Autonomous power supply to various consumers. The hydrogen fuel cell in the plant allows efficient generation of "clean" energy from hydrogen by electrochemical reaction at a relatively low temperature of ~ 60°C (without Gorenje). Therefore, unlike other types of devices (internal combustion engines, turbines, etc.), AVEU has minimal noise and harmful emissions during operation, there is no strong vibration, high reliability is provided, and there is a possibility of long-term continuous Autonomous operation in the "365 days/24 hours"mode. AVES can be used to provide efficient Autonomous power supply, including as a single source of energy.

Experts highly appreciated the project of the enterprise due to its high relevance for the market of small Autonomous generation in the Russian Federation and compliance with modern global trends in the development of "green technologies".

Reference: The international award "Small energy — great achievements" is an authoritative industry award that is awarded for the best implemented projects in the field of small distributed and alternative energy. Established in 2013 by the small energy Association, since 2014 the project has been officially supported by the State Duma Committee on energy, the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation, and «Business Russia» business association.

According to the materials: https://energo-union.com/ru

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