The head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade showed interest to the «Sovtest ATE» developments

During the working meeting in Kursk region Denis Manturov visited the exposition: he comunicated with the manufacture heads and asked about the complexities in different fields. At the same time Ministry of Industry and Trade principal encharged the heads of relevant fields with different tasks, as they also were attending the meeting.


Minpromtorg principal inspected the developments of «Sovtest ATE» manufacture which were presented on the exposition. A particular attention was payed to the wireless holter-monitor ECG HOLTERLIVE. It places on the patient chest. And there is nothing more required, so you can lead a regular life with no physical limits. Also the attention was payed to hydrogen theme. Denis Manturov focused his subordinate employees on an importance of the implantation and production of such alternative generators.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Kursk region.

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