Requirements for materials preredavaemym

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Requirements for materials preredavaemym

Data format for the order and requirements for materials

Data format for the order of installation

  • Specification of the product as Exel or Word with the following fields: the reference designator, component name, type of housing, number.
  • Assembly drawing of the product as AutoCAD, DXF, PDF.
  • PCB files in the format of Gerber, PCad.
  • File with the centers of the installation components.
  • Additional requirements for the installation, if necessary:
    • separation boards after installation
    • fluoroscopic guidance for BGA
    • moisture barrier, etc.

Requirements to submit materials

  • Components transmitted for the installation, must be supplied in the following types of media:
    • coil 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 44 mm,
    • cupboards of any width,
    • matrix trays for chips.
  • Components must be supplied in the standard factory package: coil, pencil cases and trays for chips. If the coil is not complete, it must be kept free from components filling the end of a minimum length of 20 cm. The tapes consist of several parts, the installation will not be accepted!
  • Technology stock chip components should be 2-3% loss in the assembly
  • Printed circuit boards must be made with the reference marks on each side of the board. Free field with 2 sides at least 3 mm from the edge of the board.
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