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Currently, LLC "Sovtest ATE" has 20 years of successful experience in the electronic market of Russia and CIS countries. Today the company has an extensive field of activity, including the delivery:

  • test equipment;
  • equipment for the production of microelectronic;
  • equipment for surface mounting (SMT);
  • test equipment for testing the effects of the environment (temperature, humidity, salt fog, dust, etc.) and mechanical impact (vibration, shock, etc.);
  • equipment for processing wire / cable;
  • components for electronics manufacturing;
  • equipment for testing electrical and electronic equipment in the automotive industry at all stages of production and services.

Also, the company established its own production. LLC "Sovtest ATE" manufactures equipment and provides programs designed to control the quality of products at various stages of production (ATE): from the input control equipment, testing of printed circuit boards to the sub-assemblies for test systems used in the production of complex, etc.

In 2006 we moved to a new own office area of 1000 square meters.

Due to the constant growth of the company and the need to ensure traceability of all services in the enterprise in 2007 was commissioned software CRM. This software performs the following tasks:

  • Expansion of customer information available to managers of different services
  • The organization collecting market information
  • Using the results of some other services with maximum benefit and the least time-consuming.

We were and are actively developing new business areas - equipment for microelectronics manufacturing and our own development and production.

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