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In 2011 Sovtest ATE got IPC international certificate in antistatic control sphere. That gave right to the company staff to hold ESD-audit in accordance with IPC international standards. The data about Sovtest ATE was entered in the list of organizations which have got such certificates. You can find out more about it on the official IPC website.

Nowadays most specialists working in electronics production sphere constantly face with electrostatics problem. This problem is commonly recognized as an “invisible enemy” of microelectronic devices. Even small static discharge can disable sensible electronics and cause non-so-obvious damage to crystal. As the result many companies suffer losses and risk their reputation. To solve this problem every company which uses ESD components must have production area, section or room where equipment and working places with ESD-defense are organized.

You can perform audit of ESD-defense area in accordance with international requirements and to develop ESD-management program by asking Sovtest ATE certificated experts. We have got huge experience in production facilities design and development in accordance with modern international and Russian standards requirements to electrostatics. Our specialists will give you practical advice and instructions on ESD-management program development. They will describe in details how to perform it, to make out and maintain documents, to check program in process of work for requirements suitability. Every minimization static program is developed in terms of Customer personal features and its production requirements.

Moreover to estimate ESD-control program efficiency and update it Sovtest ATE specialists can perform external independent ESD-audit for international standards suitability at your organization site. It will allow you to build partnerships not only in our country but also abroad as production suitability to international standards increases its competitive ability at export market and confirms its safety.

Thus successful ESD-audit performance gives the company obvious competitive advantages in this sphere. It helps to optimize company’s resources focused on ESD-equipping and to estimate efficiency of investments. At present time Sovtest ATE has got all the necessary technical and human resources to perform ESD-audit: we possess both modern test equipment and experienced specialists who know measuring methods brilliantly. We guarantee high level of authority that confirmed by IPC international certificates.
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