Installation of ETT systems

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Installation of ETT systems

Sovtest ATE successfully implements projects of burn-in testing complex delivery to Customers’ site. Each project is developed in terms of customer individual request.

Usage of burn-in testing complex FTT-17 allows to automate process of microchips testing and thus to make operator’s work much easier and to solve problems with statistics and ETT process monitoring.

FTT-17 complex is used both in terms of serial production at the stage of products processing and in incoming inspection in companies which use microelectronics or perform components’ certificated tests. The burn-in testing complex can be used in reliability tests (OST 11 073.013 method 700-1, 700-2.1) and in tests of operating environment temperature increase (OST 11 073.013 method 204). FTT-17 is a module construction and can be modified according to customer’s request for tests performance.

The complex construction basis is a multifunctional warmth cabinet with fixed inside guides for cassettes. The cabinet working space capacity allows to perform burn-in testing of lots of microchips (up to 16 cassettes in one space capacity, up to 60 microchips in a cassette) with temperature range between +50°С and +160°С. The cabinet is supplied with alarm of test conditions excess. Accuracy of temperature control in cabinet working space is ±2°С. The warmth cabinet is managed and programmed by external controller. On customer request the complex construction can be modified by usage of another warmth cabinet type with less (or more) working space.

Apart from supply of the complexes Sovtest ATE carries out works on fitment production and performing primary equipment accreditation.

Besides ordered solutions Sovtest ATE, Ltd releases standard solution for carrying out ETT tests and tests of digital components reliability. It is multipurpose preset module of digital effects DIO6420. The module allows setting and reading digital signals from 64 bidirectional lines with frequency up to 20 MHz. Such module’s characteristics allow to perform ETT of almost all types of difficult digital microchips and memory microchips. The modules are fixed on warmth cabinet back panel and are controlled by external computer throughout LAN interface.
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