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Metrological support

Sovtest ATE, Ltd has positive expert conclusion from FSUE "VNIIFTRI" which confirms the company's ability to perform test equipment accreditation when estimating military production suitability. Also Sovtest ATE has got registered number 10.006-2014 in the list of organizations that can hold operations mentioned above. 

Sovtest ATE carries out works which are connected with test equipment accreditation. The information about these works is in the "Sovtest ATE data book". The works are following: 

  • development of programs and methods of test equipment accreditation;
  • carrying out of metrological inspection of test equipment programs and methods;
  • test equipment accreditation;
  • cabinets for climatic tests;
  • tables for mechanic tests: vibrating tables, shock tables;
  • equipment for electrical quantity tests;
  • special test equipment and test complexes.
During the period since 2011 to 2014 Sovtest ATE, Ltd performed primary accreditation of more than 100 test equipment units, developed more than 90 programs and methods of accreditation. Among them are: 

  • more than 55 accreditation programs and methods of cabinets for temperature and (or) humidity simulation;
  • more than 10 accreditation programs and methods of cabinets for low pressure simulation;
  • more than 20 accreditation programs and methods of vibrating tables;
  • more than 15 accreditation programs and methods of microchips test sets.
Among Sovtest ATE customers there are ОАО «RNII «Electrostandard», St. Petersburg; ОАО Kazan factory «Electropribor»; ОАО «LOMO», St. Petersburg; «Prosoft-Systems», Ltd, Yekaterinburg; ОАО «NPP «Radar MMS», St. Petersburg; «NIC STEK», Ltd, Moscow. Sovtest ATE has got necessary regulatory documentation and guidance materials on test equipment accreditation. 

Staff qualification level provides carrying out works mentioned above up to the mark. In order to perform quality works two specialists have completed training and passed a master in a branch of ASMS (St. Petersburg) with specialization in «Test equipment accreditation» and «Metrological inspection of technical documentation». 

Sovtest ATE technical equipment allows to carry out works on test equipment accreditation in accordance with the declared test equipment list. 

Today Sovtest ATE is ready to carry out test equipment accreditation for you. We guarantee quick and quality works performance.
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