Cовременное тестовое оборудование и технологии
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Fault locators SFL. New software- new possibilities

“Sovtest ATE” is already not only a manufacturer of the test equipment, but a brand, trade name, high quality and always new highly sought technical solutions.




We value our Customers and always keep in touch with them. After considering the results of the received feedback a modernization of Sovtest fault locators was carried out. Particularly, it touched upon models controlled by PC – SFL1500 and SFL3000.

A presentation of the new software for company “Bastion” (Rostov-on-Don), with whom we have a long cooperation experience, was carried out on the 24th of July.

Testing result appeared to be impressive and programmers got their best award for their 6 months work - making a deal for the procurement of equipment. Besides, new interface of the software, there was added a number of - useful functions:
- testing time – 0,2 ms per 1 test point – this is a new speed, which reduces time spent on testing with multipin components;
- new testing frequency – 5 Hz gives the opportunity of testing bigger rated value (about 4700 μF);
- automotive implementation of a program with usage of the foot pedal for the signatures taking- one more useful tool, allowing an operator to work with probers at the same time;
- advanced report on the fulfilled test with the possibility of printout;
- results grading due to the criterion of “percentage of nonconformance” with reference signatures;
- full-screen format of the work window.

Frequency range 5 Hz

Fast testing mode

Work with program

Work with program

New format of the active window

Signatures" preview and printout




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