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Model SDX100/160 - the first X –Ray machine designed and manufactured by «Sovtest ATE»

Company «Sovtest ATE» has presented our latest development – X-ray machine Model SDX100/160 at the annual April exhibition “ExpoElectronica-2010” (Moscow, Russia).




One of the distinctive features of SDX100/160 is the capability of its reconfiguration during manufacturing time and even during exploitation at Customer’s site. For example, it is possible to use and change X-Ray tubes and detectors (Image Intensifier or Flat Panel). While choosing the right system to buy there are two determining factors – machine specification and Customer’s budget. X-ray machines produced by the foreign manufacturers, which are presented on the Russian market, hardly fit the budget of the big Russian companies, not to mention companies with low budget. Our X-Ray machine SDX100/160 follows the concept «growing together with company». This slogan means that our X-Ray machine configuration for easy tests, such as BGA control - is very budgetary. On getting more funding, the Customer may further upgrade SDX100/160 by changing the X-Ray tube on a new one with higher resolution. It is also possible to use higher quality (upgrade) Image Intensifier or Flat Panel.

Flexible system configuration is ensured by the possibilities of software, which is under constant development and improvement. Upgrade of the software is free of charge for the Customers.

It is necessary to mention that our first SDX100/160 machine has already found its Customer. Sovtest ATE is planning on further manufacturing of competitive X-ray systems and broadening of the model range.

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