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OJSC «Sovtest ATE» has once again successfully passed an audit of QMS

Due to the results of the audit of the quality management system, held by the Certification Association «Russian Register» in August 2009, QMS of «Sovtest ATE» was proved to meet the requirements of MS ISO 9001:2000.



OJSC «Sovtest ATE» is one of the first companies in Kursk, having adopted quality management in 2002 year for research, production and supple of the test equipment and software; supply of environmental, technological and control equipment.

From the moment of the first introduction of the QMS, experts of «Russian Register» have repeatedly carried out an audit of our company for its compliance with requirements of ISO 9001. Results of the external audit have always proved the effectiveness of our quality management system.

In August 2009, specialists of the Certification Association «Russian Register» once again held an audit of the QMS of OJSC «Sovtest ATE». Successful completion of which has once again proved the company’s policy, clearly defined in our motto: “Sovtest ATE – Your partner in quality”.

Our quality management system is not only functioning, but is constantly improving. That way in 2009, several new Standards were developed and putted into work, what allowed us to more precisely regulate work with Customers and to better meet their claims. For the increase of our effectiveness, customer relationship management (CRM) is also under constant development and modernization. For the evaluation of the Customers satisfaction of cooperation with «Sovtest ATE» we have developed and using now a questionnaire for a feedback, which is placed on our official web-site.

In 2010 OJSC «Sovtest ATE» is planning on our conformation of the new version of the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and achievement of the Ecological management system, which will allow not only to guarantee a high quality of our production but also to minimize negative impact on the environment.

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