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Participation of «Sovtest ATE» in the exhibitions «ExpoElectronica» and «ElectronTechExpo»

13-th international exhibition of components for the electronic industry «ExpoElectronica» and 8-th international exhibition of the technological equipment and materials for production of electronics «ElectronTechExpo» took place on the 20th- 22d in Crocus Expo (Moscow). Company «Sovtest ATE» has participated with our booths in both exhibitions.



The main goal was showing our focus on the support of the domestic electronics, specifically via research and development of the hi-tech equipment, corresponding to the real Customer’s needs. As quite often foreign equipment has options, which are of no use for our Russian realities. Nonetheless all the Customers still have to pay for that. Plus taking into consideration the fact that the equipment price rises significantly only for a mark «import» on it. Meanwhile we offer affordable equipment with a lower cost, but at the same quality level as the analogous foreign equipment (which can be easily installed without serious losses for the budgets) to the Russian enterprises. Therefore, the major parts of the equipment demonstrated at the exhibition were our own test, technological and environmental developments. For example, exhibition’s visitors were among the first to see the unique developments of Sovtest ATE:
• X-ray system SDX100/160;
• Complex solution for testing of MEMS-accelerometers, built on the basis of the complex functional control test bench FT-17.

At the same time the company doesn’t set a goal to completely refuse from the imported equipment.
Objectively measuring up our chances, we clearly understand that we cannot produce complex equipment, using the most difficult modern technologies. Following the company’s motto «Your partner in quality», we aspire to produce equipment with the highest possible quality and do not try to do something impossible or something that will have a higher cost than the imported analogous. But in the case of simple equipment (for example, dry boxes), which is not science intensive for production and for the specially trained staff, why not to manufacture it in Russia if by that we’re able to reduce significantly its cost.

Taking into consideration increasing trend towards lowering of the power inputs, we offered our solutions in the field of energy-saving technologies, particularly LED lighting, which is gaining higher popularity with each day because it has decisive superiorities as compared with traditional incandescent, halogen and luminescent lamps. Using LED lighting it is possible to considerably (several times) reduce cost for electric energy input. That is why LED illumination is more efficient. Besides that LEDs have longer life time and light flux doesn’t heat up the founding environment. It all allows usage LED lamps everywhere: for lighting of the living quarters and offices and building illumination. Booth’s visitors were shown: LED lamps (for offices and streets), light-emitting diodes and components for the production of LED lamps, systems, emergency lighting signal light and billboards.

Exhibition’s area has decreased considerably, but the number of visitors has stayed almost at the same level, which can be explained by the opening of the new metro station near the exhibition center.

On one hand it is necessary to mention that the visitor’s interest is still focused on SMD technologies, however demand for SMD equipment is decreasing. On the other hand interest of the Russian enterprises towards microelectronics technologies is increasing. People start to think over widening of their possibilities in the field of implementation of the latest developments and technologies. Interest towards LED production was also evident. Several visitors were interested in PV elements.

Chief sales officer, Vladimir Lisov has stated: «Subjectively judging, the number of visitors at «ExpoElectronica- 2010» was quite big, but the number of “useful” visitors stayed at the same level as the last year. This difference can be explained by the final solution of the transportation problems, which allowed curious people and students to visit the exhibition along with the potential “present day” Customers. By the way, students are probably our “tomorrow” or “the day after tomorrow” Customers that is why we’ve tried to pay enough attention to them.

One of the pronounced tendencies - during ExpoElectronica visitors were sharing the idea about enterprises not having the need of purchasing separate pieces of equipment in order to patch up the technological holes of their production, but what they do need are complex solutions, allowing them to take a step on the next technical and technological level. Our 20 years experience allows us to offer such complex solutions to each and every enterprise: governmental, which due to their specifics have multiproduct limited production, and private, specializing on high volume manufacturing of specific items.

This exhibition showed that our company’s solution, which was taken 3 years ago to widen our activity in the field of microelectronics, appeared to be the right and timely one. It goes without saying that you can"t embrace the unembraceable and interest of the Russian manufacturers towards certain microelectronics technologies allowed us to make sure that our accents were putted in the right sports – MEMS, chip-on-board, SiP, etc. Obvious interest by the visitors of our booth was attracted by the concept - «Sovtest. Made in Russia»».

Technical director of the wire processing equipment department, Kostantin Golobokov: «This year the exhibition was very compact, but all the important fields of interest were correctly presented. I’d like to pay attention to the fact that many enterprises started to pay more attention to the optimization of their working processes. This influenced the equipment choice and workflow. That is why while choosing certain equipment specialists make a demand on the possibilities of integration of the equipment into the enterprise’s informational system. In the light of it the topic of identification and traceability is especially actual and was promoted by us on the Russian market from 2009. Second milestone is the development of energy-saving technologies. Following the president’s aims on energy-saving, our enterprise has aimed on the development of lighting equipment, enabling energy-saving. Because of it great interest was attracted to our second booth at «ExpoElectronica- 2010», where modern energy-saving solutions and accessories were presented. Office and LED lamps weren’t unnoticed. They gained attention as a subject for purchasing and for start of their production at the enterprises. We offered to our visitors an interesting solution – LED lamp on the basis of one light-emitting diode matrix.
Generally speaking, the exhibition was very productive and opened many new partnership relations. We see our future development in the mutual cooperation with other enterprises. Our loyal Customers have noticed that we don’t stay on the same spot but keep on growing in accordance with the market’s needs. In spite of the fact that the exhibition lasted for 3 days, we’ve got new Customers and interesting projects».

Development director, Denis Urmanov has mentioned: «In the course of the exhibition, Sovtest ATE has paid its attention to the new project - creation of the “MEMS-Russia” – an association of MEMS manufacturers, developers and Customers. This initiative is realized by our company together with FSUE “M.V. Protsenko “Start” Production Association” (Zarechny, Penza region). New in this project is the plan of developing of the Russian MEMS- cluster with participation of the Russian and foreign enterprises without connection with the certain region. Due to the effective scientific production cooperation in the field of the Association’s innovative projects all the enterprises, interested in the development of the MEMS products, can participate in it.
One of the main aims of MEMS-Association is a creation of the single MEMS information field, providing effective informational exchange in between the internal (Association members) and external partners (Russian and foreign associations, research organizations, social associations, etc.).
In the course of the works on the corporate booth, periodically were held presentations with the main conditions of the MEMS Association, which attracted big interest and received a high appraisal by the enterprises, considering the possibility of their joining the MEMS association. We are planning to register officially the Association in June 2010 and will start its work in July».

We’d like to thank all the visitors of our booth! Thank you for all the questions and interesting offers. We’re looking forward our fruitful future cooperation!

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