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Report on the participation of Sovtest ATE, Ltd in the scientific and technical conference «Electronic components in space industry»

Nowadays, the Russian government pays great attention to the development of the electronics industry, particularly towards such important fields, as avionic and space. A number of measures, aimed towards achievement of these aims is put in force in the Russian Federation. Lately, one major scientific and technical conference «Electronic components in space industry», coincided with the 150th anniversary of Alexander Popov’s Birthday (a Russian physicist, who was the first to demonstrate the practical application of electromagnetic waves), took place in Sochi (the center of the winter Olympic Games in 2014 year).


The conference took place under the auspices of the leading Russian enterprise occupied with research, development, manufacturing and exploitation of the medium-range launch rockets and automatic spacecrafts - Federal State Unitary Enterprise “TsSKB-Progress” (Progress State Research and Production Space Center).

Main topics of the conference: system of certification of the electronic components, used in the aerospace industry; special durability; systems-on-a-chip and IP-blocks for space systems; international cooperation in the aerospace element base field; marketing and supply of the electronic components; economical aspects of electronic components usage.

More than 100 leading manufacturers of the Russian electronics sector participated in the conference. Our company was one of them. We made presentations on the 2 topics:
• «Testing of the electronic components base. International cooperation in the certification»;
• «Modern solutions in the electronic components base testing».

From the very foundation of our company one of the main activity fields was test solutions supply. The company has rich experience and profound knowledge in this area. Today Sovtest ATE, Ltd. is a number one company in the testing field, able to solve global tasks in the aerospace testing field.

At the present time development of the electronic component base of the aerospace systems is highly topical. Attracting investments to the economy with their exact addressing and accounting of interaction of the different economical sectors, connected with the development of high technologies, are under consideration of the Russian Federation Government as one of the main factors in the creation of the Russian competitive technological base of new production, which forms prospects for the future economy of the Russian Federation.

Participation in the conference gave Sovtest ATE an opportunity to gain experience from the other players of the market and to demonstrate our own possibilities in this field.

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