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Results of participation in the exhibition «Aerospace Testing Russia 2009»

The 6th international exhibition on environmental testing equipment, systems and technologies for aerospace industry «Aerospace Testing Russia 2009» took place in Olimpiiskii (Moscow) on the 6-8th of October.




Environmental testing equipment is one of the main activities fields of our company. Today “Sovtest ATE” is able to offer a whole range of equipment for the aerospace industry. For example, equipment for different climatic and mechanical tests of separate units, aircraft complex systems along with testing (electrical, X-ray and optical control) of the separate electrical blocks and whole systems.

Our participant’s diploma

OJSC «Sovtest ATE» was also awarded with a certificate of honour «For fidelity and constancy in the exhibition’s participation».

«Sovtest ATE» have demonstrated the following equipment on our booth:
- Climatic chamber VC37018 («Votsch», Germany)
- Vibration system TV52120 («TIRA», Germany)
- Control system VR8500-2 («Vibration Research», the USA)
- Sovtest Dry Box Sovtest-Dry («Sovtest ATE», Russia)
- Functional Tester FT-17 («Sovtest ATE», Russia)
- Sovtest Fault Locator SFL 2500 («Sovtest ATE», Russia)

The company started our own production in 2005. A number of unique, certified and patented devices was manufactured. This equipment allows fulfilling of different climatic and mechanical testing of the separate blocks and devices, whole complexes and systems of the aircrafts.

The biggest interest was attracted to the climatic chamber VC3 7018 («Votsch», Germany), which is equipped with the integrated industrial computer system S!MPAC with 12” colored touch display. New software Windows S!MCONTROL, allows the operator to set-up and control parameters in the real time as well as creating testing programs via graphics editor. Saved reports and programs of environmental testing are available for further usage. The possibility of remote control via USB and Ethernet interfaces is also included. S!MCONTROL software portability with the external software S!MPATI allows to combine up to 32 pieces of equipment into one network for its centralized management and control. In the production of the new series Climate 3000 was used only ecologically clean powder covering, high quality stainless steel, thermal insulating material made of mineral fibre, ozonsafety chlorideless refrigerant. The aim of this temperature test is to verify the resistance of a specimen to the environmental influence of temperature and humidity.

Vibration system TV 52120 is designed for the fulfillment of the laboratory test sine 200N with max. acceleration 87g, random 100N and max. acceleration 61g in the frequencies range 2-7000 Hz.
«Sovtest АТЕ» introduced vibration system DC-600-6 («STI», PRC). Company «STI» is one of the biggest Asian manufacturers of the environmental testing equipment used in different fields: aircraft building, microelectronics, mechanical engineering, etc. At the present time equipment of the company «STI» is under successful exploitation on a number of enterprises (Siemens, Panasonic, Motorola, Philips, etc.) in China. Vibration system enables the test running with Rated peak force 5 880 Н and frequency range 5-5 000 Hz.

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