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Results of Sovtest ATE participation in NDT-2012

Four times more visitors as compared with the last year – that are the results of Sovtest ATE participation in the 11th international exhibition and conference for Non-destructive Testing and Technical Diagnostics (NDT).    This high demand was insured by the following factors: actuality of the offered solutions, demonstration of the equipment possibilities, free experts consultations, quality and reliability of Nikon Metrology products, which became the main part of the exposition.


Participation for the second time in NDT exhibition allowed us basing on the previous experience to reach maximum efficiency from the event. Latest NDT solutions in the following areas of activity were presented at Sovtest ATE booth:
• Microscopy (digital microscope ShuttlePix, trinocular stereomicroscope SMZ745T);
• Industrial X-ray inspection and CT Inspection (Industrial CT Scanning XT H, Electronics X-ray Inspection XT V)
• Video measuring control (Video Measuring System iNexiv VMA2520)

Keen interest of the visitors was attracted by the possibility to conduct researches of their own samples using modern microscopes from the leading manufacturer of optical equipment –Nikon Metrology (Belgium) at Sovtest ATE booth. Outstanding technical characteristics of ShuttlePix and stereomicroscope SMZ745T allowed us to carry out tests of samples from all industries (Pic.1), including: metal processing, mechanical engineering, microelectronics, material science, applied research, etc. This proves once again a wide usage area of the equipment: from industrial enterprises up to R&D laboratories and universities. 

Pic.1 Examples of images received during NDT-2012 visitors’ samples research

Development of cooperation with Nikon Metrology allowed us not only to open access to the modern and reliable equipment for domestic Customers but also to give an opportunity to obtain information on the latest methods and technologies at the same time as Customers from abroad. Thus, in the nearest future during the show ExpoElectronics-2012, 11-13 April in CrocusExpo (Moscow) a new video measuring system iNexiv VMA-2520 will be demonstrated. You’ll be able to estimate all the advantages of this equipment by visiting our exposition (Pavilion 1, hall 2, booth А05).

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