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Sovtest ATE participated in the exhibition “ExpoElectronica-2011”

Sovtest ATE had participated in the biggest international exhibition of equipment, components and accessories, used in the electronic industry - ExpoElectoronica-2011, which took place on the 19th-21st of April in Crocus Expo (Moscow). This year, the exhibition became a sort of totaling of Sovtest ATE’s results as we demonstrated all the achievements of the 20 years of our work.


Company’s complex solutions in the following areas were shown on the main booth:
• SMT equipment,
• Equipment for microelectronics production,
• Test equipment,
• Environmental testing equipment,
• Cable processing equipment,
• Equipment for radiofrequency identification.

We’d demonstrated best solutions of the world-known companies (JUKI, TIRA, Nikon Metrology, Schleniger) and our own developments, which as a deep-seated tradition aroused big interest.

Sergey, a visitor of “ExpoElectronica-2011”
“We’re enjoying a long-term cooperation with Sovtest ATE. Selection of the technical solution in accordance with the production needs, the best quality-price ratio, optimal time-frame of the project realization  - all these are the main advantages, which we obtained by choosing the company as our partner. I have initially planned a meeting with the representatives of “Sovtest ATE” in order to confirm engineering data on the specific equipment”.

Due to the preliminary results of the exhibition, visitors’ special attention was attracted to our in-house designed equipment. Deserved interest was aroused by the new development of the company’s specialists – tester FT-17 HF, used for functional and parametric testing of ICs with wide range. This equipment had unique technical characteristics, allowing to guarantee a high precision of the results. Visitors of our booth had the opportunity to see the demonstration of the tester’s possibilities. Big interest was attracted to the Sovtest Dry Box, insuring optimal conditions for storage of the electronic components sensitive to environment. Good addition to the equipment became humidity marks (with different levels of humidity gradation), allowing to control conditions while transportation of the humidity sensitive components. Besides that, Sovtest ATE has demonstrated a wide equipment range from the leading foreign companies, which work was shown by the representatives of the production companies and interested people were able to learn about the possibilities and specifics of the demonstrated equipment from the manufacturers’ own lips.

“This year our company showed to the visitors of “ExpoElectronica-2011” a successful development of all our activity areas, notably – distribution, production and innovations”  - mentions Vladimir Lisov, 1st deputy general manager of Sovtest ATE – “Except traditional areas of our company’s activities, we’ve demonstrated our new possibilities this year. After we’ve set in new production facilities with different cleanliness level, equipped with the state-of-the-art mounting equipment and unique test complex, allowing electronic equipment manufacturing, which satisfy the highest requirements due to its reliability and quality.

At the present moment we produce electronics for our own equipment and prototypes of microelectronics equipment, such as MEMS-accelerometers, LEDs, etc. Operating production – it’s also a great demonstration possibility, being the most persuasive argument for the Customers, going to purchase the equipment. Universality of the working technological and test equipment allows us to offer our service - contract manufacturing of any volume and difficulty. In the nearest years development of our own production and widening of nomenclature of the manufactured electronic developments is one of the foreground jobs of Sovtest ATE. Taking care of our Customers, we’re seeking to do everything possible in order to insure them with the most needed and trustworthy production within the shortest possible time. And development of our own production in this case is the best decision”.

On the second booth of Sovtest ATE, in the hall of LEDTechExpo, were shown results of the company’s innovative activities in the fields of LED lightning, smart-cards, RFID- and MEMS-technologies. Taking into consideration special attention of the Russian Government towards projects, aimed to modernize the country, solution, demonstrated by Sovtest ATE are of special actuality.

Konsantin Golobokov, director of innovation projects of Sovtest ATE:
 “Within the frames of tough competitive activity, only high production quality can insure leading position for the company on the market. Many enterprises, using our support have already equipped their production with the up to the minute equipment, have a question “What to do next?”. In the first place, it is necessary to increase production space, purchase fully automated lines, robotize production. However, this way of development is rather expensive. It is necessary to aim to the fully automated lines, but it is more useful to start with optimization of the manufacturing processes, ensuring of transparency of all production stages, decreasing of the human factor. This is the most advanced and innovative way of enterprise development, it doesn’t take big investments, but allows to promptly reach increase of production quality and volume. Our Customer’s have already appreciated the advantages of this development way- automated vertical carousel-type shelves, systems of production automation, Kanban system, etc., which allowed to use with higher efficiency productive and human resources”.

In support of this activity field we’ve demonstrated different advanced solutions for inventory control, upgrade of the production processes, creation of the fully transparent and manageable production.

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