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“Sovtest ATE” has signed Memorandum of partnership with “Microtec GmbH”

Within the scope of the Innovation Development Program, a Memorandum of Partnership, aimed on the future cooperation in between the companies and realization of the projects in the fields of production testing, was signed in July.



Microtec GmbH is an independent, certified test laboratory with 40 years experience in the quality control of optoelectronic and electronic fields. The company has 3 offices in Germany (Stuttgart, Dresden and Nördlingen) and one office in the Netherlands (Zwolle). In spite of the global economic crises the company has 3 work shifts.

The company owns its own Test House, where except testing out-of-control rejects, all the certification tests take place (beginning from wafer and packaged components level and ending with final electronic and optoelectronic systems). Qualifications according to the international standards like AEC-Q, ESCC, Telcordia, MIL, JEDEC, IEC, DIN and MOST.

Main fields of activities:
- Testing of goods for optoelectronic and electronic;
- Service support;
- Software development for semiconductors;
- Screening test, etc.

List of the main Customers include:
- BMW Group;
- Alcatel-Lucent;
- ZETEX semiconductors;
- Daimler AG;
- Bosch;
- Continental, etc.

Signing of the Memorandum is a point of the Innovation Development Program on 2009-2012 years. The motto of the program is “Innovations for everyone!”. The main aim of the program is to bring to life the latest high-tech developments to the Russian enterprises. It is necessary to mention that this program is not formal, but a real plan dealing with the innovation technology adoption for the Russian market needs.

An important stage of realization of our Corporate Innovative Program became the 1st in Russia international symposium on production and testing of the PV elements and batteries, which took place in the conference hall of Izmailovo hotel (Moscow) on the 30th of June 2009.

Our company has invited the representatives of our foreign partners – leading suppliers of PV technologies and equipment, Russian manufacturing enterprises, state corporations and analysts of the specialized magazines.
In spite of the global crisis, company “Sovtest ATE” has become the main organizer of the symposium and covered all the expenses of its organization.

Due to the signing of the Memorandum, our Customers can get the latest technological solutions of high European quality, which allow achieving unattainable results at acceptable price. For example, particularly important during the crisis is to pay more attention to quality, as this factor allows reducing general costs by lowering repair costs. Offered by us solution - screening test – is a way out in this situation.

Within the scope of the Innovation development program we are glad to offer you widening of our services. As we’ve got the opportunity of providing our Customers with not only equipment, complex solutions and service support, but also with the European certificates (allowing to sell end production in Europe), giving us an opportunity of offering a whole range of services.

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