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"Sovtest ATE" s a Dage European distributor of the 2007 year

Working in Russia is often challenging, but when you have a good partnership it can be very rewarding. "Dage X-ray Systems" and "Sovtest ATE" have built such a relationship in a very short period of time, and it is paying dividends for both businesses.



"Sovtest ATE" have very strong coverage for sales and support over the whole region and a long history of providing excellent manufacturing and test solutions to huge number of companies.

Investment by both parties is key to this relationship, "Sovtest ATE" have two engineers fully trained at the "Dage"factory, a team of fully trained sales people, a demonstration machine in Kursk, and a stock of spares in country, which overcome any logistics and customs issues. "Dage" have attended several seminars and exhibitions, giving technical papers, given marketing support and also make many joint customer visits with the "Sovtest ATE" team.

This work has resulted in many sales and a very healthy project pipeline justifying the award and promising a successful partnership long into the future.

Mr. Igor Markov (General Manager of "Sovtest ATE") has said, "This award from "Dage X-Ray Systems" is recognition of the very good working relationship at all levels within our companies, this is vital for success in a very aggressive market".



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