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«Sovtest ATE» is among the best…

General director of «Sovtest ATE», Igor Markov became a laureate of the VI Annual solemn ceremony of celebration of the best in economics, cultural, humanitarian and social areas in Russia.




Due to the commission’s decision, Igor Markov was awarded with a medal “National patrimony” for his contribution to the progress of Russia’s economics. Now his name will be written on the granite page of National Project «New time Russian history».

Commission chooses winners among a huge number of candidates each year. As names recording of the outstanding citizens into the annals of Russian State is the highest form of public award, which doesn’t have time frames. Everyone, who contributed to science, engineering, literature, culture, sport, etc. undergo tough selection.

Our company is known on the electronics equipment market for already 20 years. Within this time the company has become a leader in providing of the latest technologies and equipment for testing of each stage of production flow, starting from components and ending on end products. Many foreign companies are our partners, who trust us because of a number of reasons. One of them is that our policy is to pay great attention to the quality of the manufactured goods and provided services.

“This is not just an award for me, but, first of all, this is an evidence, showing that our work brings benefits to the society. In future, we’ll try to develop new technologies, produce high quality equipment and do everything for the development and strengthening of the country’s economics. ”

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