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“Sovtest ATE”, Ltd. is the official distributor of Mentor Graphics Valor Division (USA) in Russia

“Sovtest ATE”, Ltd. signed the distributor agreement with Mentor Graphics Valor Division firm (USA) that specializes in development and introduction of modern solutions for projection and management of production processes. The official agreement was signed in the head office of “Sovtest ATE”, situated in Kursk, during Mentor Graphics Valor Division representative’s visit. Within that the company specialists also took the training.


Mentor Graphics Valor Division is a part of the international corporation Mentor Graphics that is nowadays one of the world leaders in the field of electronics design automation (EDA) for electrotechnology and electronics. The division specializes in solutions for optimization of installation and assembly production processes in radio-electronic industry companies that touch upon all production activity aspects (process preparation, production planning, resource management, stock management, material verification, material traceability, quality management, business intelligence system creation). The experience since 1981 is successfully realized in developing program products and it provides their high competitiveness at the consumer market.

Noticing that nowadays there is an active re-equipment process of the Russian radio-electronic industry enterprises, such solutions are of high interest for our country. As practice shows to manufacture products of high quality it is not enough just to buy modern equipment, but it is necessary to manage it correctly within the single production system. Mentor Graphics specialists developed Valor MSS software solution for this task; all its resources are directed on increasing economic production efficiency, achievement of high quality production and production strictly in time.

According to the signed distributor agreement, “Sovtest ATE”, Ltd., the official distributor of Mentor Graphics Valor Division, will implement these projects across the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. To provide high quality services company specialists took the training course in accordance with a specially developed program considering all nuances and specifics of the Russian radio-electronic industry enterprises.

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At the moment implementation of the basic module Valor MSS Process Preparation (production planning and preparation) is coming to the end at Sovtest ATE production. In future, there are plans to gradual implementation of other modules which are a part of Valor MSS software solution.


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