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STC-1000, one of the developments of «Sovtest ATE» has won a gold medal – «Best electrical equipment-2009»

The 18th international exhibition «Electro» - main event of the whole Russian electrical industry took place on the 8th-11th of June in the central exhibition complex «Expocentr» (Moscow).




Within the scope of the exhibition, an international competition «The best electrical equipment of 2009 year» took place. OJSC «Sovtest ATE» with our wire harness and PCB stand STC-1000 participated in the competition. This stand is designed for electrical parameters and cable geometry testing and includes: wire harness tester with a keyboard, monitor and printer, stand with table for cable grooming and testing adapters setting.

Due to the results of the valuation held by the special commission, our company was awarded with a diploma and a gold medal for high quality level.

This is not the 1st award won by STC-1000. In March 2009, company «Sovtest ATE» participated in the exhibition «Avtoprom», within the scope of which there was held a contest «The best innovation project and scientific and technical development of the year». Following the results of the contest, the stand was awarded with a diploma of 1st degree and received a gold medal in the nomination «New technologies and innovation solutions for automotive industry».

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