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«World of micro- and nano- electronics» was published in the Russian language

In February 2009, a two-parts tutorial «World of micro- and nano- electronics» devoted to the application of the modern technologies in the production of microsystems was published. The book was translated into the Russian language and published by OJSC «Sovtest ATE» by approbation of its author Dr. George A. Riley.



This tutorial was translated by the specialists of «Sovtest ATE» and edited by the professors of the Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology (MIET): Sergei Timoshenkov (head of the Microelectronics Department) and Alexander Gorbacevich (head of the Nanotechnology Department) as a part of the innovative educational program of MIET «Modern professional education for the Russian innovative system in the electronics field».

The main aim of publishing the Russian version of the book, was an intention of «Sovtest ATE» to use our knowledge and experience in the field of modern technologies in the production of microsystems in the different sectors of Russian microelectronics. The tutorial includes information about researches and latest developments: assembly, mounting, nanolithography, microsystems sealing, micro- and nanoelectronics. We emphasizeв questions of packaging density raising, quality and reliability assurance of the foreign and domestic manufactured microsized devices.
This is our second tutorials devoted to technologies in microelectronics. That way in 2007 we published a tutorial on the usage of X-ray inspection in the production of the radio-electronic devices. For obtaining the book, please get in touch with our managers.

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