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About company

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Sovtest ATE, Ltd. is a fast-growth engineering company which offers a wide range of complex solutions on different kinds of equipment for electronics manufacturing enterprises:

  • test equipment;

  • technological equipment for electronics manufacture;

  • sizes measurement and control;

  • equipment for microelectronics manufacture;

  • equipment for harness production and processing;

  • automobile manufacture;

  • storage automatization;

  • quality management;

  • sensor devices and managing systems;

  • solutions for production management;

  • non-destructive testing (NDT).

Moreover the company provides metrological, service, engineering support and offers service in logistics sphere in terms of complex approach to customers needs paying extra attention to the quality of suggested solutions.

The advantages

  • Sovtest ATE is the leading company in sphere of test equipment and solutions. It has been working at electronics market since 1991;

  • A wide range of suggested solutions: 12 sectorial directions;

  • Experience in organization of in-home production, electronics development;

  • Project-based approach in solving Customer tasks, complex development and hand-over of ready-made business solutions and technologies to Customer, Customer training, technological support during aftersales period;

  • Own warehouse, possibility of equipment demonstartion in use before purchasing it by customer.

Our achievements

  • State and local government awards in «Responsible supplier», «For development of Russian land», «Leader in small business of Kursk area», «100 best Russian products» and others.;

  • Title of the best distributor from the leading foreign suppliers;

  • High-qualified staff and service maintainance;

  • Participation in sectorial exhibitions, practical seminars, science conferences;

  • Sovtest ATE coverage area includes almost the whole Russia (Central, Southern and Privolzhsky Federal Districts, Siberia, Far East, Ural, North-West) and a series of CIS countries (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belorussia);

  • More than 160 leading world industries from Europe, Asia and North America are Sovtest ATE partners;

  • More than 4000 custemer enterprises from Russia and CIS represent various spheres of electronic industry.

Sovtest – your partner in quality!

Sovtest ATE has been working since 1991. During 30 years of successful work the company has grown to the leading figure at the market of test solutions for electronics. Moreover our company is not only a supplier but also one of the leading Russian developers of its own equipment and software for production quality control at different stages of manufacturing (ATE): from receiving inspection equipment, testing PCBs to component assembling for testing systems used in complex production, etc.

Nowadays the company's intellectual capital consists of huge number of own patent technological developments implemented in series production. The company's production is in demand and implemented not only in Russia but also abroad. Being an independent developer and producer of equipment Sovtest ATE has an opportunity to speak the same language with Customers, to understand their needs and problems and thus to offer the best solutions.

Quality and competitive ability of production and service suggested by our company, image a reputation of Sovtest ATE, Ltd. are confirmed by Quality management system implementation in 2002 in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2008 requirements. In 2014 the company has successfully passed re-accreditation in this standard.

Sovtest ATE makes special emphasis on the quality constantly improving Quality management system and thus increasing level of clients' satisfaction with the company's production and service.

Quality management is carried out at all the stages and includes choice of responsible suppliers, staff recruitment, modern equipment usage and others. Gathered during 30-year-work huge experience and knowledge, constant monitoring and ambition to go with the times allow to make production and service quality improvements, again and again verifying our motto «Sovtest – your partner in quality!».

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