A gift from foreign partners - universal protective overalls.

«Sovtest ATE» is strengthening measures to reduce the risks of the Covid-19 infection spread over the manufacture.

In special work areas, where it is not possible to maintain a social distance, our specialists use personal protective equipment, in particular reusable universal protective suits, medical protective masks, and also protective gloves while disinfecting premises and vehicles. These protective equipment is a support of foreign partners in the fight against Covid-19.

«The company has done everything to protect and welfare each member of our team. We carry out a range of preventive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. Consistency and compliance with the recommended preventive measures will allow us to work in a pandemic and overcome all the difficulties associated with it and we are grateful to our partners for their support and assistance in this difficult situation for everyone,»

commented Igor Markov, General Director of Sovtest ATE LLC.

The company has established a cleaning regime using disinfectants. In behalf of hands scrubbing, all rooms were equipped with sanitizers that are effective in combating viruses and bacteria . Employees with the non-contact thermometers senses the temperature of the employees' and visitors' bodies at the manufacture checkpoints.

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