Equipment presentation under industrial conditions

A presentation section for the installation of printed circuit boards is functioning on the basis of the manufacture facilities of «Sovtest ATE».

All of the equipment models, which were seted up on the manufacture, are intended for small-scale multi-item production with wide functional characteristics and the possibility of quick readjustment for the transition to the assembly of new products.

“The presented equipment has been supplied to the Russian market for 20 years and today, we have the opportunity to demonstrate how it’s operating under industrial conditions at our manufacture,” commented Igor Markov, General Director of Sovtest ATE.


The presentation area is represented by the equipment:

Semi-automatic screen printer SR-2700 (TWS Automation, Italy)
  - High precision combination of stencil and board
- Ability to adjust the speed of movement and pressure force of the squeegees on the stencil
- Vertical separation of the stencil from the board
- Vision system for combining apertures
- Automatic squeegee movement

Automatic installer of SMD components Quadra DVC EVO. (TWS Automation, Italy)
- Productivity up to 4400 components per hour
- Video centering system
- Intelligent feeders
- Possibility of simultaneous installation of 120 8-mm tape feeders
- Ability to work with trimming tapes
- Possibility of placing matrix pallets in the working field of the machine
- Ability to install a dosing head

Manual manipulator for installing SMD components.
XPM-302D (Bokar International, USA)
- Universal holder for double-sided boards
- Antistatic
- Pallet with cells for components in bulk
- Set of nozzles
- Built-in vacuum pump
- Free and precise movement of the pantograph along the X / Y axes
- Placement of tape feeders in the base for quick change of feeders
- Dispenser of solder paste / glue.

Chamber type convection oven.
X-Reflow 306 (Bokar Inernational, USA)
- Uniform heating of the board, eliminating shadow areas
- The built-in computer creates absolute repeatability of temperature and time soldering conditions
- Set temperature control
- Memory for 245 user-debugged flash profiles
- Backlit LCD display that displays digital or graphic information on the current reflow process.
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