JUKI recognizes Sovtest ATE the best European distributor

On May, 15th in Nuremberg (Germany) there took place annual meeting of JUKI European distributors. The main theme of this year JUKI Sales Meeting was presentation of a new RS-1 machine – a single platform that should replace all existing SMD machines of JUKI KE, FX and RX series in future.

The main advantages of RS-1:
  • increased performance – 42 000/29 000 comp./hour (max./IPC);
  • 8 laser centering nozzles;
  • laser system for automatic measurement of components’ height allows the head movements at 1 mm(!) height which increases mounting speed;
  • feeder inputs – capacity 112x8 mm;
  • 4-segment conveyor – 2 boards are in the working area, one at the entrance and exit;
  • ultra-fast camera for video centering;
  • new generation feeders - compact, intelligent (CAN-interface), versatile with the ability to change the tape pitch, with possibility of "hot" plug;
  • intelligent trolleys for feeders with CAN-interface and waste tape cutter.

The new machine has several configurations and can be expanded at the customer's enterprise from a chip-shooter to a flexible mounter.
According to JUKI representatives’ information in the nearest future the company will offer a full set of options for the new RS-1 system that will ensures its the high functionality.

At JUKI Sales Meeting, there were also summed up the results of the work in 2016. Even though Russia is in unfavorable economic and political conditions nowadays, Sovtest ATE as JUKI official representative in Russia and the CIS was recognized the best distributor in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

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