Sovtest ATE held a seminar on vibration testing

On May, 16-17 at Sovtest ATE plant there took place a seminar on advanced vibration testing methods that gathered manufacturers of testing equipment, suppliers and representatives of many Russian enterprises. The seminar included ambitious practical part program which provided visitors to find out more about the equipment, to see how it worked and to ask the professionals questions.

Both two days of the seminar was divided into two parts – theoretical and practical. Representatives of the biggest manufacturing companies such as TIRA GmbH and Vibration Research and Sovtest ATE specialists touched on the following topics:
  • sinusoidal vibration, resonance search;
  • broad-band random vibration;
  • vibration controllers possibilities;
  • certificating of vibration systems;
  • automated reports;
  • multiaxial testing;
  • load equivalent for certificating of vibration systems.

During practical part time Sovtest ATE specialists showed testing equipment, the process of vibration system installation and connection, variants of controller grounding, discussed interface and main types of testing methods, channels adjusting and usage of laser vibration pen. There also were presented new program modules for testing such as iDOF, Kurtosion, Transient Capture.

The seminar covered all the advanced methods of testing objects for shock and vibration negative impact. More over representatives of the foreign companies shared their experience in performing vibration tests such as broad-band random vibration method and other. I could find out more about TIRA vibration systems and VR controllers which open all the possibilities of these vibration test systems, -says one of the participants.

All the visitors also had a chance to take a ‘tour” round Sovtest ATE manufacturing sites. Nowadays there have been opened just 1st stage of the plant with mechanical machining, wire harness assembly, SMT and testing, NDT Center.

Andreas Zappe, TIRA GmbH:
«I think it’s very favorable format of the meeting – theory and practice with coffee bake in between. Enough time was devoted to practical part, equipment demonstration and discussion of the participants’ questions. I guess the visitors are satisfied because they managed to draw much valuable information.

Alexander Smirnov, Vibration Research:
«After visiting Sovtest ATE plant I made certain that you have very solid approach to work, even in terms of seminars organizing. Sovtest ATE specialists visited our similar seminar in Kazan and as I can see that they took into consideration their experience and managed make this seminar even better. Everything met our expectations, the visitors are satisfied. For instance, one of the participants said that he opened new possibilities of our equipment he didn’t even know about. Well that’s the aim!»

Besides educating program there was also organized cultural immersion for the seminar participants. People visited one of the ancient relic in Kursk oblast’ – the Root Hermitage – the place that combines peaceful nature beauty and greatness of Orthodox Churches.

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