«Sovtest ATE» met awardees of the I-st region journalists' contest «Business in Kursk region»

On the basis of our enterprise the ceremonial awarding of the first region journalists' contest «Business in Kursk region» took place. The head director of LLC «Sovtest ATE» Igor Markov, the council of LLC «Delovaya Rossia», the head of Kursk region «Delovaya Rossia» office Oleg Malahov and the head of Kursk region «Unity of Kursk region Journalists» office Konstantin Stroev were the participants of the meeting

Journalists, editors and the editorial staff of the region and the city newspapers, magazines, news outlets and television, radio and the internet outlets took part in the contest. Totally there were nearly thirty contest labours, between wich the juri chose three winners.

The juri was consist of an NO «Sekunda» and TRC «SEIM» delegates, business institute – ombudsman of region Civic Chamber and business community.

The first place went to Golubchikova Yulia Gennadievna (the string correspondent of «Kursky izvestiya» paper), the second went to Shugaeva Anastasia Gennadievna (TRC «SEIM» correspondent) and the third went to Gusarova Irina Sergeevna (the editor of RNO «Kursk»).

The first place prize compiled the reward of 50 000 rubles, the second – 30 000 rubles, the third – 20 000 rubles. LLC «Sovtest ATE» was the main funder of the contest.

Kursk region office of All-Russian organisation «Delovaya Rossia», Kursk region office «Unity of Kursk region Journalists» of the Russian Journalists Unity and LLC «Sovtest ATE» peformed as the contest organisers.

«Now you are the information protectors not only around our contry, but araund the world. Let you keep the objectivity, the impartiality and let you show the situation the way it really is. I'm extremely thankful for responding on our contest invetation. The theme of business stayed in some isolation few last years. Now, thanks to the activve enterprises as a «Sovtest ATE» we are strengthening and you are throwing limelight on it! So, it's the way we provide the development of business community. Thanks!

— Oleg Malahov, the council of LLC «Delovaya Rossia», the head of Kursk region «Delovaya Rossia» office spoke with the winners.

The aim of the contest was to invite the journalists' and news media's attention to Russian business questions of present interest, to promote business activity and investment attractiveness of the region, to give a positive experience to young enterpreneurs and to mainstreamificate the «Delovaya Rossia» activities'.

Adapted from «Delovaya Rossia».

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