«Sovtest ATE» staff joined the All-Russian vaccination against coronavirus

«Sovtest ATE» continuous to forestall the spread of new coronavirus infection. On wednesday 27 of January the massive vaccination of the enterprise employees started, any member of our team could participate in it. Responsible officials and invited medical workers monitored compliance with all the instructions of the Ministry of Health on vaccination requirements. The drug Gam-COVID-Vak was used as an active substance.

«The employees helth stands in priority. Since the begining of the pandemic we assume a set of measures aimed on fighting against the spred of COVID-19. The vaccination isn't the first step in this fight, but one of the most important!»

- the head of «Sovtest ATE» Igor Markov commented.

Despite the vaccination, our enterprise preserves face-mask requirements regime, temperature control, also we keep testing the staff for COVID-19 and for the presence of virus antibodies. Besides, a tighten access control takes place to all «Sovtest ATE» visitors and guests.

At the end of the last year the country's vaccination has started. Primary inoculative campaign impacted the public health care, education and social workers. And by the beginning of the current year, the vaccination project has involved industrial undertaking, including our enterprise.

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