Sovtest ATE takes part in IV WeGO general assembly

The event business program took 2 days. The first day dealt with general questions and functioning of the WeGo organization; the second one covered certain instruments and methods for “smart” cities development. Special attention was given to innovative forms of development (so called Living labs), IoT, usage of big data analytics in decision making, environment quality improvement by means of city infrastructure digitizing and as well to management and budget peculiarities in sustainable cities.

Anton Grigorev, deputy development director, made a report “Public safety through distributed wireless monitoring networks”.

To show the importance of the topic he introduced real situation of wall collapsing in detached house on Pavlova Street (Kursk) in May that year. The connection of this accident with big building works that are in progress nearby is now being widely discussed by Local and Federal government. But unfortunately in the absence of monitoring data at the engineering project (vibrations, inclinations and shocks) the only civil defendant is 95-year-old veteran of Great Patriotic War who lives on a pension. The promising instrument to prevent such situations could become compulsory use of monitoring nets round construction territories within the cities.

Moreover, performance capabilities of these systems, which consist of different sensors and are able to transfer information in real-time mode, may be also used for:
  • control and automation of state and municipal facilities;
  • efficiency improvement in agricultural sector (constant monitoring of temperature, humidity, insolation, etc.);
  • improvement of transparency and functioning reliability in the sphere of critical and Housing and Utility Infrastructures in cities.

WeGO is the World e-Governments organization that pursues sustainable urban development based on e-Government and ICT.

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