«Sovtest ATE» took part in all-Russian conference

On the 26 of October 2020 I all-Russian research and technology conference «Intellectual information technologies: theory and practice» took part as it was coincided with 75 anniversary of the faculty and was organized by the digital solutions and information systems administration department which is the part of the faculity of phsics, mathematics and informatics.

The conference unified students, candidates, teachers and scientists from a number of enterprises and univercities of Russia (SFU (Krasnoyarsk), ITMO (Saint Petersburg), The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation (Moscow), NUST MISIS (Moscow), VSU (Vologda), SevSU (Sevastopol) and on.

The event attendies discussed the questions of the designing and developing intellectual and information systems, its application, methods and algoritms of intellectual analisys and data processing.

Denis Urmanov Ph.D. in Engineering Science, who is also, the LLC «Sovtest ATE» deputy director general of science took a part on the conference plenary meeting as a special guest. During the presentation he told about our manufacture developments in the field of intellectual digital ETL monitorin systems and also showed the perspectives of the realisation the main innovation «Sovtest ATE» projects in sphere of hydrogen energetics, autonomous small generation, monitoring systems based on the LoRa technology and on.

The presented reports sparked interest between the event attendees. As a result, currently up-to-date problems and aims in sphere of AI were admited and, also, the ways of their solving and the further collective work aspects.

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