«Sovtest ATE » was admitted as a gold medalist of the All-Russian competition

The Golden Quality Label of the «All-Russian Brand (III Millennium) Quality Label of the 21st Century Award» was bestowed to Sovtest Dry Box serias (SDB) of dry storage cabinets. The competition is held to identify the best goods, services and technologies for the implementation of the National Program for the Promotion of the Best Russian Goods, Services and Technologies.

«For the first time our company took part in this competition and we are pleased that the declared Sovtest ATE products received a positive assessment by the expert commission and were awarded with the Golden Quality Mark,»

said Igor Markov, CEO.

«The All-Russian Brand» is a system of voluntary certification of products in the quality category and informs the consumer that the products marked with this sign are not only safe, but also of high quality.

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